Here Come the Ideologues

December 4, 2008National Review

If you listen to the Left, the Bush administration has been oppressing and endangering American workers for the last eight years. Workplace conditions have deteriorated and workers live at the mercy of unaccountable and unscrupulous employers. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, sitting squarely in the pocket of big business, has dithered. As President-Elect Obama has put it, the department has forsaken its intended role of protecting workers and instead acted as a “Department of Management.”

The Washington Post this week quoted Scott Lilly from the left-wing Center for American Progress complaining of an agency that has either gone to seed or run amok, depending on the function. “I think you’ve got people embedded there who are philosophically hostile to the mission of the agency,” he said.

The ideologues are framing their own narrative about the Bush Department of Labor, but it is not backed up by the facts, which tell the story of an agency that is not only doing what it is supposed to do, but doing it better than it has in years past — in some cases, much better.

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