Kentucky Women’s Summit inspires young women leaders

July 19, 2021WTVQ

A gathering of some of the state’s most successful women did more that just showcase the stature of women: it served as an inspiration to the next generation of women leaders.

Today, about 20 students from colleges and universities across Kentucky attended the inaugural Kentucky Women’s Leadership Summit.

Keynote speakers included former Governor Martha Layne Collins, who was honored with the first-ever Woman in Leadership Award, and Former U.S. Transportation and Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.

“Today, just being around such strong leaders that are all women have really inspired me because I’ve been in a lot of professional settings where I’ve felt held back because I’m a woman but they really have given me, like, a lot of motivation to push,” said Jefferson County Community and Technical College student Saiko Striplin

“It really inspired me to take risks and be authentic and hold true to my values,” said University of the Cumberlands student Tristan Gibbs.

“It’s pretty great–I’m not gonna lie–to be in the room with so many individuals and females who have committed their lives to being outstanding representations of their fields and within their workforce,” said Murray State University student Ellie McGowan.

More than 500 women from across the commonwealth attended the summit and the numbers are expected to grow for next year.
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