Skilled Laborer

October 1, 2008NYSE Magazine

When Elaine L. Chao arrived in the U.S. from Taiwan at age eight, she didn’t know a word of English. By 2001 she was the first Asian American woman to be appointed to a U.S. president’s cabinet. Chao, a former CEO of United Way of America, says her immigrant experiences made her well aware of the importance of education for all U.S. workers. This summer she discussed the need to provide financial
education for women in the workplace at “Wi$eUp: The Benefits of Creating a Financially Savvy Employee,” a conference sponsored by Wi$eUp, a financial education program developed by the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau. Chao delivered the keynote address to CEO s and human resources executives from Fortune 1000 companies. Following her speech on Wall Street and after ringing The Closing BellTM at NYSE Euronext, Chao sat down with nyse magazine to discuss employee empowerment and how companies and the government can work together to develop beneficial labor policies.

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