Trump Administration Rolls Out Plan to Support AVs

January 8, 2020Automotive News

LAS VEGAS – U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao rolled out the Trump administration’s new plan to support the advancement of self-driving vehicles and AV technology Wednesday.

The new guidance, dubbed AV 4.0 – which is meant to unify efforts across 38 U.S. agencies working on new vehicle technology and policies – was unveiled at CES during Chao’s keynote speech.

“Realizing the vast potential of AVs will require collaboration and information sharing among industry partners, state and local governments, academia, nonprofits, standards development organizations and of course, the 38 different federal government agencies, independent commissions, departments,” Chao said.

The 51-page 4.0 policy document states the U.S. government will adopt and promote “flexible, technology-neutral policies that will allow the public, not the federal government or foreign governments, to choose the most economically efficient and effective transportation and mobility solutions.”

Chao told attendees that the guidance establishes three government principles: protecting users and communities, remaining technology neutral, and facilitating coordinated efforts.

“The landscape for AV innovation is complex and evolving but the goals are pretty simple. They’re clear and consistent,” Chao said. “They need to improve safety, security and the quality of life for all Americans. That’s the barometer for success.”

Autonomous vehicles have been a big topic for U.S. policymakers, Congress and NHTSA recently, especially following the death of a pedestrian who was involved a crash with an Uber Advanced Technologies Group automated vehicle in Tempe, Ariz., in 2018.

Chao also covered urban air mobility and commercial space travel as a part of new transportation sectors and advancements to be touched by the administration’s guidance.

Tiffany Moore, Consumer Technology Association vice president of Congressional affairs, and Michael Kratios, White House chief technology officer, related AV 4.0 to U.S. strategy on artificial intelligence following Chao’s keynote.

Chao was not the only notable member of the Trump administration to attend CES week. Ivanka Trump spoke about U.S. labor as it relates to changes in jobs with the advancement of AI. The White House also announced 10 principles for the U.S. artificial intelligence policy and regulatory domain at CES earlier in the week.
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